"The Pengali Affair"

Location: The Republic

The party headed into the Puzzles to capture the mole Pengali. They clashed with some Brethren footsoldiers before calling a truce with one – Umara, a tigershape druid. She joined the party as they descended into the underground bar called the Goat’s Cellar.

They fought against Pengali’s sister – a mercenary named Amulaine, and her partner – the bartender Bullama. Amulaine released her menagerie on the party but they managed to defeat them all. They searched a backroom and found an Ibixian named Torluska chained up. He was Amulaine’s prisoner after he came seeking revenge for his wife’s death. The party convinced him to join them in their mission and he showed them the secret passage that would lead them on towards Pengali…



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