• Chantisis


    Adopted Green Dragon daughter of the Shadow Queen
  • Duke Ranald Kumorii

    Duke Ranald Kumorii

    A tall, thin man with a thin manicured moustache. His hair is gradually fading from black to grey. He often has a quiet, serious demeanour but is quick to smile amongst friends.
  • Erla Treefall

    Erla Treefall

    Half-elf Druid who lives in Estrella
  • Gormac Aruthmi

    Gormac Aruthmi

    The First Dragon Warrior
  • Helena Warner

    Helena Warner

    Regdar's Little Sister
  • Jentry Kumorii

    Jentry Kumorii

    Short, light hair, dark eyes
  • Lady Zumeera Iphrasus

    Lady Zumeera Iphrasus

    Safron robes and cloth head dress, mature beauty
  • Purple Sorceress

    Purple Sorceress

    Evil Elf Sorceress
  • Ryner Chartaris

    Ryner Chartaris

    Athletic hansome man with a smirk and ponytail.
  • Shadow Queen

    Shadow Queen

    Ruler of the Tyrant Cult
  • Therius Arcta

    Therius Arcta

    An elderly wizard who has retired to the Material Plane and has committed himself to Duke Kumorii
  • Venzer


    A balding alchemist hermit who lives near Estrella
  • Xurax Orneus

    Xurax Orneus

    High Priest of the Sleeping Tyrant Cult